Craving Grace by Ruthie Delk

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You know you don’t believe God loves you when…

  • You assume others think the worst about you.
  • You beat yourself up over your sin.
  • You hesitate to come to Him with your problems or pain.
  • You are afraid of Him.
  • The thought of Him rejoicing over you makes you laugh or scream or cry.
  • You feel like you have to get your act together before you are useful to Him.
  • Everybody in your life has to be ‘perfect’ in order for you to love them.
  • You feel like your good works make Him love you more.
  • You feel like your failures make Him love you less.
  • You assume that tragedy and suffering are punishment and rejection.
  • You have to say “Yes” to every request – “they need you.”
  • You assume He really doesn’t want what is best for you.
  • You feel like He tolerates you.
  • You constantly compare yourself to others.
  • You make great demands on family and friends to meet your emotional needs.
  • Your insecurities paralyze you from taking risks.
  • The last thought before you go to bed is, “I’m a failure. I didn’t ______.”
  • The thought of letting Him love you makes you squirm.
  • You’re jealous when God blesses others with something you long for.
  • You’re anxious about the way your kids make you look.
  • You’re embarrassed by their failures and take credit for their successes.

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