Craving Grace by Ruthie Delk


“Ruthie Delk gets it!  Craving Grace cuts to the chase and dispels our false ideas of the Gospel that have sapped our joy, while calling us to the simple and radically free life that Jesus came to give.  Trust me, this is a life changing book written by an authentically alive woman who speaks to our minds and the hearts. Women and men…read it and let the truth soak in.  What a gift to the church.”

– Dr. Pete Alwinson, Key Life Men

“With its memorable visual framework and incredibly accurate portraits of the human heart, Craving Grace shapes and impacts my thinking long after I put the book aside. I feel that I now understand to a much greater degree how to actually apply the mind-boggling truth of the gospel to my everyday life. This is one of those books that is so powerful, it should be read at least once a year!”

 – Michele D

“The Gospel is good news, but quite frankly I would rather try to live the Christian life on my own terms.  The Gospel Eight diagram puts in picture form what this struggle looks like and reminds me that it is not my performance for Christ, but my position as His child that brings joy and freedom.”

– Meredith M.

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